Foaming Nonwoven (BEX Hammams)


Few drops of water, and you will provide an excellent cleaning with Bex Hammams which enables fresh hygiene. Ideal for the bed – ridden patients who stay for a long time in the bed.

At home, Office and journeys, you can maintain your hygiene and refresh yourself by Bex Hammams.

At hospitals, elderly homes, primary schools and in restaurants, Bex Hammams allows immediate cleaning.

You can have perfect shower feeling when the time and place is not suitable for taking a shower.

Hacettepe Uni. Pharm. Fac. Pharmacology Department Irritation Test Report has been achieved.

How to use:

Bex HAMMAMS gets foamy by few drops of water.

Foam and apply to your body.

Feel the refreshness and total hygiene…


Do not apply BEX HAMMAMS to the open wounds, genital parts of the body and allergic skins.

For external use only.

Should not be in contact with the eye. In case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of water.