Table-Shelf Cover


“FOR Home – Office – Cafe – Restaurant”


Protects and preserves the table surface that it’s laid. Can be used over and over without demaging the paint and the polish of the tables and shelves that it is used. Retains adhesion and anti-slip feature even after washing many times.

Prevents the sound of fork and knives when it is used under the table cloth, and provides a soft layer.

When used under the table cloth it’s easily and directly sticks to the table. It’s hairy upper surface holds the table cloth still and keeps constant.

Prevents heavy objects to draw shelves when it is used for shelves.

Table- Shelf cover is packaged as rolls and can be cut due to desired size where it would be applied.

It’s easy attachment to the surface provides no need for other attachment devices.


100 cm x 100 cm

100 cm x 200 cm

200 cm x 200 cm