BEX-MISTRAL Mattress Protector


Its top surface is flannel fabric (100% cotton), its bottom surface is PU basis membrane.

It does not allow perspration as plastic coverings (like PVC) and it does not involve PVC basis material.

It is appropriate for unexpected situations. (Like dense menstruation or confined bleedings)

Its structure protects the bed as a whole and makes it long living.

It is ideal for the women who are pregnant or in the lactation period.

It is resistant to washing for 90 times.

Mistral matress protectors have an elastic band that holds the bed from each four sides , it has waterproofness and breathability as a vital characteristics that will keep your mattresses dry and mite proof which make it more valuable.

Product Name : BEX MISTRAL
1.Substrate : Flannel Fabric
2.Substrate : Reactive Polyurethane
Total Weight :175 gr/m² (± 5 gr)
Weaving : Plain weaving
Fabric Composition : 100 % Cotton Woven Flannel Fabric
Property : Waterproof, breathable
Sizes : 90x190cm, 90x200cm, 100x200cm, 110x200cm, 120x200cm, 130x200cm, 140x200cm, 150x200cm, 160x200cm, 170x200cm, 180x200cm, 190x200cm, 200x200cm
Usage Areas : Home Textile , All units of hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, motels, hotels and pensions.
Closure : Elastic banded