Technical Fabrics


We manufacture this line of fabrics boasting noteworthy technical characteristics such as water-tightness, permeability, high washing strength and late combustion under the BEX TECHNO FABRICS name. This range of fabrics is manufactured by laminating special membranes on a single face or in between two fabrics with Reactive PU adhesives. In the production of Bex Techno Fabrics; breathable membrane is laminated to the fabric. Membrane can also be laminated between two fabrics. It belongs to the costumers needs and demands of having two or more layer after the lamination.

Bex Techno Fabrics do not harm the environment by relasing harmful gases to the environment. Bex is an environment friendly product.

Characteristics of BEX TECHNO FABRICS;

Are waterproof and windproof.

Exclude the sweat of the body in a healthy way and fasten the body temperature.

Are laminated with thin and flexible membrane.

Are environment friendly.