“ PU membrane laminated fabrics ”

Bezci Textile Corporation introduces its new brand ‘Bex techno Fabrics’ for technical textiles sector. Bex is a new trade mark of Bezci Textile Crop.’s Technical Textiles division. ‘Techno’ is an abbreviation of Technology. So ‘Bex Techno Fabrics’ is in the Technological fabric branch of Bezci Textile Corporation. Bex is a solution for many sectors. These are sports, leisure wear, construction bussines, hygenic sectors and automotive sectors.

Technical Specification

Specialties of BEX Techno Fabrics are water proofness and wind proofness and breathability.

How it breathes?

Bex Techno fabrics get no water inside from the outside; however, water vapour molecules on the inside break up in the membrance of the fabric and are transported by way of a phsical/chemical process to the outside. So that Bex Techno Fabrics are water and wind proof as well as they are breathable. There is a diffrence in temprature and water vapour concentration between the human body and the environment. Bex Techno Fabrics with its membrane inside uses the pressure difference between the inside (high pressure) and the outside (low pressure) of the garment.

Why the breathability is so important?

Bex Techno Fabrics provide protection and comfort in all weathers. It enables the skin breathe while the body is going through intensive physical activity. And it protects the body from wind and water too.