Washable, reusable and comfortable underpad for the bed – ridden patients who stay constant and has limited mobility in the bed, who can also not move without any assistance. Tramontana is mostly named as positioning sheet for which is securitly used for transfering the immobile patients from one bed to another.

5 layered fabric consists of PU membrane laminated; waterproof and breathable back sheet, first layer transfer the undesired liquid to below layers instantly and provides dryness in a few minutes, the liquid is blocked between below layers to prevent penetration of liquid to the mattress.

Product Name : BEX - TRAMONTANA
Fabric Type : 100 % PES
2.Substrate : Reactive Polyurethane
Total Weight : 560 gr/m² (± 5 gr/m²)
Fabric Composition Blue Jersey, Membrane PU,Wadding, Felt, Quilting
Sizes : 100x100cm.
Usage Areas : Home Textile , All units of hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, specially designed for patients suffer heavy incontinence, sometimes used as positioning sheet
Closure : Elastic banded