Who we are

Our production, marketing and sales operations of waterproof and breathable fabrics, mattress and pillow protectors and foaming non-woven for patient’s cleaning, were started in  BEZCI TEXTILE CORPORATION, which is a well-known and a well-established company of  textile sector since 1958 in Turkey, İstanbul.  In 2011, our operation facilities were carried out to AKBEZ TEXTILE CORPORATION, to increase product oriented marketing and sales activities, to form younger and more dynamic structure.

Since 2011, we have been focusing on developing consumer oriented solutions in accordance with innovative studies for diversifying our product range to produce high tech fabrics. We have become an important key supplier among the market leading companies at home textile, hotel textile and medical textile industry, with providing 250.000 units/per month production capacity of mattress and pillow protectors as well as duvets, pillow and variety of mattress pads at domestic and foreign markets.

By the year 2020, by introducing our new brand we have started studies to meet the prominent customer needs in the growing market. Our newly introduced brand wellbed®, which is registered by Turkish Patent Institute, in 2021, is based on positive customer experience with a customer oriented design approach.

We are working to improve the quality of production operations each day with the brand, wellbed® which started its activities in 2022, to reach a wide audience and to provide easy access to healthy and safer sleep for the society. Without compromising our values we will continue to work at global standards with a modern service concept by investing in digital channels and innovation to keep up with developing world norms.

Our Vision

To ensure the production and / or supply of materials that are lacking in the field of sectors we are in, of which we are a global stakeholder, with high added value in global competition.

Our Mission

To be able to fully meet the quality / price expectations of our customers, to respond quickly and effectively to all kinds of improvement and product development demands, and to keep the communication with our customers at the highest level.