Product Features

BEX Hammams

The name of our innovative and practical product is Foaming Nonwoven, which can be used in hospitals, elderly nursing homes and any place and condition where there is no possibility to go to the bathroom for cleaning. Our product, which we can define as a nonwoven cleaning cloth containing shampoo, is packaged in a dry form, unlike the products packaged in wet form sold in the markets. After the package is opened, each leaf does not lose its quality unless it is activated with water.

With this aspect, whether the package is opened or not, it is an excellent alternative for cleaning purposes, especially for patients and the elderly who do not have the opportunity to wash in the bathroom, since its shelf life is quite long. After the product is foamed with a little water and applied to the body, it does not need to be rinsed again, which prevents the use of excess water and allows efficient use of resources. Our product has an irritation test report that indicates it does not cause allergies or similar symptoms in the body (See Irritation Test Report).

Product Description: Nonwoven cleaning cloth with shampoo.
Package Include: 20 sheets nonwoven

You can feel the comfort of freshness perfectly with a few drops of water with Bex Hammams.

Ideal for permanent hospital patients.

Also; It helps you to maintain cleanliness and freshness at home, at work, in the office and on the long journeys.

It enables immediate and fast cleaning in hospitals, retirement homes, schools and restaurants.

Wherever it is not convenient to take a bath or shower, you can experience the comfort and peace of the bathroom.

Hacettepe Uni. Fac. Of Pharmacy Irritation Test Report was received from the Department of Pharmacology.

How to use:

Activate Bex Hammams by dropping a few drops of water and apply it to your body by foaming.

Wipe your foamy body with a dry cloth, there is no need to rinse with water again.

Here is the perfect and easy freshness ...

Do not apply BEX HAMMAMS to the open wounds, genital parts of the body and allergic skins.
For external use only.
Should not be in contact with the eye. In case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of water.