Product Features

Elastic Type Mattress Protector

Can practically be adjustable and being fixed from the four edge corners of the bed with four slip free elastic straps which is easily to be used at homes, hotels and hospital beds. Elastic mattress protector provides you with a practical solution for a hygienic and safe sleep also during your travels. You can carry the elastic mattress protector with you for your vacations or your outdoor accommodations (hostels, hotels, camps and caravans), which can be folded easily and does not take up space.

Elastic mattress protectors are best choice for their high protection against dust mites, fluids (urine, blood) mould, moisture, perspiration, bacteria and common cause of allergens such as asthma and eczema. Elastic mattress protectors help prolong your bed life by keeping your mattress as new and clean as on the first day of your usage. Elastic mattress protectors prevents stains, fluids and odor that may be caused by perspiration during the night time on your mattress. Back surface with polyurethane membrane coating enables elastic mattress protectors 100% water resistant and breathable.

Elastic mattress protector, which is produced with various fabric options and can be applied to different mattress sizes. Elastic mattress protectors contain no harm substances such they are  phthalate-free and PVC- free. As protecting to preserve the life of your mattress, elastic mattress protectors are so lightweight to be noticed that they are noiseless to provide comfortable sleeping environment. It is durable up to 100 washes at 90 degrees in the washing machine and it does not require ironing,

A flexible production opportunity is provided with the desired sizes and also all kinds of packaging options can be performed from our fabric catalog due to customer demands and preferences whether from low to high quantities, more quickly and most effectively.

Keep your bed fresh with Akbez mattress and pillow protectors!

Waterproof, breathable, flexible, soundproof and durable

Membraned Fabric


Machine Washable


Extra Soft

Elastic Fitted Sheet

Highly Breathable

Less Noisy