Fabric Features

Fitted Mattress Protector

Our product, Fitted Mattress Protector, which is more suitable for home and hotel usage is fixed to the bed with flexible fabrics with membrane or without membrane  which helps to cover the edges of the bed completely and also complementing the duvet laid on the protector.

A flexible production is provided with all kinds of packaging options in desired sizes and  customer demands from minimum to maximum quantities for our mattress protectors with membrane on the top fabric and- the frame without membrane to be flexible or frame with membrane laminated as requested- can be addressed quickly and effectively.

Keep your bed fresh with Akbez mattress and pillow protectors!

Waterproof, breathable, flexible, soundproof and durable

Membraned Fabric


Machine Washable


Extra Soft

Elastic Fitted Sheet

Highly Breathable

Less Noisy